Vault Thief's Bane

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There are five thieves in the vaults, one in each area. These can be skinned into furniture items which Bo'Vul will accept.

The first turn in of a hide type will be rewarded with a fizora. Subsequent turn ins of the same hide will be rewarded with a ruby unless the quest has been completed.

Turning in all five hide types gives the player a 25 quest point reward and a permanent 10% death xp loss reduction insignia and higher rewards on any future hide turn ins (to include perfect gems).

  • Imagery - Corpse of a gith thief - glazed gith hide (wt 10, type furniture)
  • Repository - Corpse of Zlatan - soft nubuc hide
  • Miraar thief - embossed hide
  • Merman - corpse of a merman thief - whole hide of a merman
  • GearBox - corpse of The unlucky adventurer - hide of an unlucky human (This is reboot only.)