Adept Of Heartwood Quest

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The beginning of this quest starts with a visit to Lightroot in Heartwood's Sacred Grove. Find the path from Tinderhand to entrance where Ironwood stands guard. She stands in the NE corner of the grove.

Lightroot path.

Once you begin the quest with Lightroot you will be instructed to work with another ent (in a clockwise manner) when you complete the quest.

Lightroot Quest

He bows to you. Bow back.

Lightroot's quest is a simple information retrieval.

Lightroot quest help

Lightroot quest details

Pteridophyta Quest

Pteridophyta is south of Lightroot.
Pteridophyta's quest is a request for an item.

Pteridophyta quest help

Pteridophyta quest details

Silverbark Quest

Silverbark is 2 south from Lightroot.

Silverbark's quest is a simple delivery and return with proof.

Silverbark quest details

Ironwood Quest

Ironwood is 2 south, west from Lightroot.

Ironwood's quest is a simple 'go and kill' request. The difficulty is the time limit and the location of the mobs in the deep woods. The deep wood's random and false exits makes this quite difficult. It can be restarted if the time limit is reached (an area echo will display that indicates that the mobs have been "called back").

There are three troglodytes. The maze has about 41 rooms.

Aquafolia Quest

Aquafolia is 2 west, 2 south from Lightroot.

Redleaf Quest

Redleaf is 2 west, south from Lightroot.
This is a go and get quest. You need find an object described by him and bring it back.

Redleaf quest help

Redleaf quest details

Fantasamagora Quest

Fantasamagora is 2 west from Lightroot.

Tortamtentidtillion Quest

Tortamtentidtillion is west from Lightroot

Tortamtentidtillion quest help

Once complete all quests you will either get the "Adept of the Heartwood" insignia or the "Initiate of the Heartwood" insignia depending on if you are an ent or not. Both have "Modifies experience gain by + 5% continuous". The insignia xp bonus seems to last a limited number of levels.