Alienskin Arm Brace

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An arm brace made from black alien skin is here.

Insignificantly lowers resistance to caustic attacks continuous
Insignificantly lowers resistance to poison damage continuous
Modifies hit roll by 3 continuous.
Armor class is 10 to 12
It improves archery damage.

Keyword(s): alienskin, brace.
Level(s): 50-52.
Type: armor.
Slot(s): <worn on arms>.
Quality: 200 hps.
Weight: 2 lbs.
Flag(s): glow, hum, invis, magic, anti-evil.


Area: Alien Hive (Map).
Mob(s): Alien Queen.

Portal terrified woman w n e n

You can either adventure through the area, and find the queen. Usually Track Queen brings you to The Red Queen, Kill and Retrack Queen to head toward the queen you want. Or Track Pod and kill them along the way to find The Big Queen. Once You are at the Queen, she is surrounded by guards so a good area spell would be nice due to her being invisible to heroes. Grab Queens corpse when you killed it, and have an archer skin the corpse. Watch out for the male aliens who will scavenge corpses on the ground.

For all who dont like to adventure, which i advise you do. Here are the directions to the queen

PP Terrified Woman w n e 2n 7e 2s d w 2d 2e s 4e s e n e s 2e n e s w s 2e 3n 4e s d 4s
For Zmud Users: .wne2n7e2sdw2d2es4esenes2enesws2e3n4esd4s