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Tired of his brethren's squabbles for gold, power and magical artifacts,
Allegaagse has devoted his life to amassing mundane items in his hoard.
He is quite proud that even though his collection is ugly and useless it
is still unique and outshines that of any of his rivals throughout all
of the realms.


The Hoard
Massive mounds of the most useless items found throughout the planes
are piled wall to wall in this gigantic chamber. Many of the objects
are things Woe wouldn't bother carrying in his shop.
The dragon that resides here is always looking to increase the size
of his piles and set himself up to be near the lord community to
use them for collecting. He has even posted a plaque with some
details about the tasks he has in mind.

Clues and Items

Allegaagse's Clues/Items
Clue  Plane  Item
A beacon from the stands would make me happy. 4Noctopia Havynne's Lantern
A bow made of gold would be a fine addition to my collection. 4Astral Golden Bow
A river of blood should make for some interesting flails. 4Noctopia Bloodletter Flail
Be a lamb and fetch me a knife from Karnath. 4Karnath Sacrifical Knife
Bring me a dagger I can use to cut glass. 4Arcadia Diamond Dagger
Bring me a fiery ring. 4Fire Ring Of The White Flame
Bring me a fiery signet. 4Fire Signet Of Pure Flame
Bring me a goat's head from the demons. Mount it on a stick or something. 4Tarterus Ram's Head staff
Bring me a madman's embedded whip. 4Stone Shard-Embedded Whip
Bring me a shroud. Be sure it has some heft to it. 4Karnath Heavy Shroud
Bring me a Sultan's head! Or the turban that rests on it at least. 4Water Sultan's Turban
Bring me something golden that will keep me well fed. 4Kzinti Sceptre Of Creation
Bring me something truly exotic. 4Arcadia Exotic Robes
Bring me the blade of Karnath, intact preferably but I will take what I get. 4Karnath Broken Blade Of Karnath
Can domesticated frozen dogs be collared? Find out for me. 4Airscape an Ice Collar
Dagger of the dead, what else would you expect a spirit to wield? 4Karnath Netherworld Dagger
Defeat a champion and bring me his sword. 4Outland Black Sword Of The Keep
Do wild ice hounds still get collared? Return with one if they do. 4Water an Ice Collar
Do you think I would look good in sleeves of gold? 4Astral Golden Sleeves
Each Cabal member has a staff of office, bring me one. 4Astral Sun Staff
Even domesticated frozen dogs will yield their teeth. 4Airscape an Ice Hound's Tooth
Find a bow that is truly worthy of firing ice arrows. 4Water an Ice Bow
Find me some unfinished kzinti serum; I want to make Killaris jealous. 4Kzinti Vial Of Unfinished Portal Serum
Flaming blue balls doesn't sound like something I would want a pair of so just relieve the owner of one for me please. 4Arcadia seething ball of blue flame
Gaius has interesting armor, heavy, but interesting. 4Stone Stone Platemail
Go and de-robe the mistress of the south. 4Outland Dark Purple Robe
Go play the ultimate game of hot potato in the realm of earth. 4Stone a lavabomb
Go play the ultimate game of hot potato in the realm of fire. 4Fire a lavabomb
Have you ever seen a katana dance? Neither have I. Please bring me this wonder. 4Arcadia Dancing Katana
Hmm, according to my list I need the fang of a snake of some sort, like a viper. 4Noctopia Viper Fang
I am not sure what use the Fae have for shield bracelets, get me one so I can take a look at it. 4Noctopia Buckler Bracelet
I can't decide if a steam gun would add to my collection or not. I should make up my mind by the time you get back with one. 4Air A small steam gun
I could use some custom made boots. I don't want them to look too new though so leave them out in the wind a bit before bringing them to me. 4Water Pair Of Wind-Ravaged Boots
I desire a kzinti incantation, hop to. 4Kzinti an incantation note
I desire the bow of the air lord, be a dear and fetch it for me. 4Air an Aurora Bow
I desire the mace of the earth lord. Be kind to an old dragon and fetch it for me please. 4Stone the earthen mace of might
I don't know whether or not you will have to gather each feather individually, but I would like a cape of Durin feathers or the like. 4Arcadia Cape Of Angel Feathers
I doubt there are any happy bone shields but find one with some sort of emotion. 4Tarterus a grim bone shield
I find myself needing to purify a few sections of my hoard; perhaps a wand would aid me with this. 4Fire Ritual Purification Wand
I found a bare spot in my collection that would benefit from a plain staff, or staff of a plane. 4Tarterus Staff Of The Lower Planes
I have a leather restorer and preservative I would like to test on some leather armor that has seen better days. 4Astral Decaying Vest Made From Cracked Leather
I just want you to do a quick trip to Astral shift and grab me a guardian's weapon. 4Astral Massive Slate-grey Sledgehammer
I need you to go visit with the Demogorgon and see if you can purchase his whip, or maybe he would give it to me as a gift. 4Tarterus a black whip
I probably wouldn't want to encounter bugs attached to green webbing, but a veil made of such stuff intrigues me. 4Astral a green web veil
I require a blindfold that has seen some action. Don't waste my time with the one that blind Fae wears. Hah, "seen", get it? 4Karnath Bloodstained Blindfold
I still don't understand why a mage would wield a sledgehammer, maybe it has something to do with the black rock from which it is made. 4Kzinti Obsidian Sledgehammer
I think there might be some hidden information on a crumpled note on the Kzinti plane. 4Kzinti Crumpled Note
I used to like to walk the straight and narrow line. Please bring me something that will help tell me where I'm going. 4Outland Crystal Ball
I would just love to get my hands on the cloak of the Ruler of the Water plane. It might be easier to pry it from one of his subjects though. 4Water Storm-skin Cloak
Imagine the most Goth wand possible then find it and bring it back to me. 4Outland Black Wand With A Grinning Skull
Is it there or isn't it? Your back will know when you encounter this blade. 4Noctopia an Ethereal Blade
It is no katana, but it is still a dancing sword. Bring me this minor wonder. 4Arcadia Dancing Rapier
It isn't Oni's kit, maybe it should be mine. 4Noctopia Omayra's Kit
Let's sow a little discord; we just need the right weapon. 4Tarterus Blades of Discord
Madness and wickedness, Elaxor radiates both. 4Stone Radiance Of Wickedness
Malafont's armor, I want it. 4Noctopia A Suit Of Dress Plate
Master of death should lose his hood 4Outland Black Master's Hood
Maybe if it was pure the elder wouldn't throw this clear thing around. 4Nowhere Clear Psi-Blade
Maybe they should be rainbow disciples rather than nihilistic. One of them will definitely be blue when you bring me his blade. 4Nowhere Blue Psi-Blade
Minor illusions can be just as powerful as major ones. Bring me a minor illusionist's ring. 4Air Ring Of Minor Imagery
My collection needs a heartbane loaded weapon in case I ever want to slaughter foes.' 4Astral Pair Of Kzinti Slaughter Gloves
My collection won't be complete without a way to tame death itself. 4Tarterus the whip, "Death-Tamer"
My dagger set just won't be complete without a golden handled weapon capable of damaging werewolves. 4Outland Silver Dagger With A Golden Handle
My rock collection seems incomplete. See if you can turn up a blue or white stone for me. 4Astral a blueish-white stone
No clerics have this aura, just the kzinti war leader. 4Kzinti Aura Of Domination
Peel the mark off of a madman. 4Stone Mark Of Madness
Pick me up a memento I can use to remember the Gith. 4Outland Amulet With A Small Silver Sword Inscribed On It
Please acquire custom made leggings made of panthrodrine. I wear a size 30. 4Tarterus Panthrodrine-Skin Leggings
Pluck a phoenix for me please. 4Fire Flaming Phoenix Feather
Pry the frozen tooth from a wild hound. 4Water Ice Hound's Tooth
Retrieve a dark energy lance for me. 4Fire Devilish Lance
Show me how loyal you can be. 4Karnath Show Of Loyalty
Silk and velvet, but it is still just a dress of rags. 4Noctopia Dress Of Silk And Velvet Rags
Skewer me something from the Orb. 4Noctopia Glowing Iron Skewer
Skin a rock wyrm for me please. 4Stone Shaleskin Arm Guard
Some merrily dancing fire would be appreciated. 4Arcadia Baleflame
Something easy this time? Just grab Ralthar's weapon for me. 4Fire Steel Broadsword
The location of the disc I want is considered a secret by some. 4Midgaard Stone Disc
The monks are guarding something. Have a "talk" with Harold and see what you can bring me. 4Thorngate Red Bracer (Temple Of Gorn)
The thing I desire from you mostly resembles a spear, though it hardly qualifies. 4Kzinti a crude spear
These feathers may try to elude you but I expect you to get them for me anyway. 4Arcadia Whirl Of Elusive Feathers
Though the item would make one think otherwise, I would be eternally happy if you were to gather a clasp for me. 4Fire Clasp Of Eternal Anguish
Thy task involves an axe. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two. 4Tarterus Axe Of The Third Plane
Try not to get eaten while retrieving a dha for me. 4Karnath Iron Dha
Try not to lose anything yourself while gathering a green blade for me. 4Nowhere Green Psi-Blade
Turning big rocks into little rocks by having big rocks wield little rocks I reckon could be useful. 4Water a stone hammer
Turning big rocks into little rocks by having big rocks wield little rocks, what madness. 4Stone a rock hammer
Unicorn horns are said to possess great magic. I want one to test out the properties it possesses. 4Air Unicorn Horn
What else would you call a flametongue? 4Kzinti a flametongue called 'Firebrand'
What is it with the fae and sharp objects that dance? I refuse to add dancing butter knives to my collection. I am drawing the line at a dagger. 4Arcadia Dancing Dagger
Where's the beef? Actually, I prefer some venison. 4Thorngate a side of venison
Which is mightier, earth or air? Bring me a gun where one pushes the other around. 4Air Air Gun
Why the senior has to dance with yellow I will never know. He has two so it shouldn't hurt him too bad to give one up. 4Nowhere Yellow Psi-Blade
Would you please bring me a talisman of evil? Something an evil witch or hag would hold onto. 4Astral Devilish Talisman
You don't have to learn the actual ritual, just get an implement used in dark rites. 4Karnath a dagger of dark rites
You don't look to be all that skilled at basket weaving but perhaps you could make something nice from some gith hair. Bring me your creation when you are done. 4Outland Assassin's Armband
You might have to bleed a bit to get the red just right on the robe I would like you to gather for me. 4Outland Blood Red Robe
You will have to jump through a few hurdles but I know you have it in you to find a faerie script for my collection. 4Thorngate a Faerie script
You will probably have to get them custom made, but I would like some coarse leather boots. 4Noctopia Coarse Leather Boots
You would think that the boy will know you are coming to take his prophetic staff away and give it to me. 4Water Staff Of Prophecy

Insignia Levels

Allegaagse grants you an insignia for returning desired items to him. The very first insignia he will grant you is Scratcher. When you see the message:

Allegaagse says 'You have done such a good job that I have raised my estimation of your worth as a searcher.'

you know that you have been granted "bonus points" towards the next insignia level.

  1. Scratcher
  2. Busybody
  3. Deed Doer
  4. Goto Guy/Gal/Person
  5. Feat Finisher
  6. Task Master

Note: As of July 29, 2016 I am not certain this list is exhaustive or in the proper order. Someone should feel free to complete/adjust it.


To start this daily quest, find Allegaagse west of Meta in the Lord Mud School and give him a ruby. He'll give you a hint (listed above) of which item he is looking for and you can go hunt for it. This quest can be completed no more than once per day (starting and ending at 00:00 system time) per alt. If you do not have or can't get the item in question, you can give up by saying "I give up" in the room with the mob. Giving up adds an additional day to the delay before you can play again.

For assistance on how to find these items, please see: Meep's Guide to Alleg