Artificer Blessing

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Syntax: cast 'artificer blessing'

The dwarves of Mt Durr have long been known for their love of metals and precious gems. They have devised a powerful spell to help their craftsmen make the most of their time. It can also be used to help protect their work from damage while being used.

An artificer blessing will speed up all crafting related work including fletching, repairing, restringing and sharpening. It also provides a limited amount of protection to gear damage and detonation. It will also provide a (very small) chance of finding perfect gems.

This is a powerful pantheon spell. Any single cleric can only maintain (i.e. be the caster of) one of these spells at any given time.

Dwarf, Bhyss - Spell: 'artificer blessing' by 13 for 16 hours.