Bane Of The Myconoids Quest

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This "quest" involves murdering the (sanced) Fungal Forest residents until they grow tired of you and Psilocybin tries to bribe you to leave with a bag of gems, which contains about 1.6 million gold and also includes a perfect emerald.

As time progresses and you persist in killing them the myconoids will grow more and more dangerous. They will start to use gas attacks and other abilities, like toss, that were not previously used.

Having completed this quest you will receive the Bane Of The Myconoids Insignia. Any further entry into Fungal Forest will draw a lot of attention towards the entire group, so it is best to let your leader know immediately you are not welcome there.

Warning: Completing this quest solo is very difficult even for hogged berserkers or dragons. The major issue is that Fungal Forest is a no-teleport-out area, and once a sufficient number of mobs become aggie and start to hunt you down it can be difficult to get out alive.