Black Thin Tentacle

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This long snake-like thing creeps slowly through the passage, not very careful, but in its random swishing way it is likely to find any stray wanderer. The blackness of its matte skin blends in well with the darkness - hopefully the real body that this tentacle extends out from is far away.

Keywords: black, thin, tentacle.
Level: 63.
Alignment: apathetic.
Flags: very agressive.
Affects: sneak, detect hidden, infravision.


A black thin tentacle is using:
A black thin tentacle is carrying:


Cannot see invis.


Area: The Transfigured Forest (Map).
Room(s): Surrounded by dark moss, Trapped in a claustrophobic passage, Buried beneath stones, Buried between the stones (cursed).

Walking route from stone trickster: e, s, s, pull bloom, s, s, w, s, enter hole.