Blue Dragons

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Blue Dragons consider themselves masters of all that dwells within the sea, which they claim as rightfully theirs. They prefer to dwell in the far south, beyond the reaches of Man. This does not mean that Blue Dragons are shy creatures, though. They are an unwelcome, yet not uncommon, sight among the coastal settlements. They can even be found far inland when they are given reason to travel.

The scales of a Blue Dragon are sleek, smooth, and tight-fitting. This allows them to glide effortlessly through water & air alike. Twin, spiralling horns rise up and back from their massive skulls.

Due to their aquatic nature, Blue Dragons excel in underwater combat. They are known to engulf their prey in a bubble of Elemental Water. They revel in sadistic pleasure as they watch their foe choke and drown. When a Blue Dragon wishes to create some personal space, they eject the intruder from the room with a powerful blast of water.

When utilizing their water breath to its fullest potential, a Blue Dragon can send a foe sprawling to the ground.

  • Abbreviation: Bud.