Captain Black Beard

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The Captain of this ship has a long wiry black beard and a greasy handlebar mustache. His jacket is made of the finest "stolen" materials. Glancing at his peg leg and hook hand you can tell he is a very experienced pirate. He snarls at you and growls, 'What are you doing on my ship?'

Keywords: pirate, Captain, Black, Beard.
Level: 35.
Alignment: demonic.
Flags: aggressive, steadfast.
Affects: sanctuary.


Captain Black Beard is using:
<worn on finger>    a silver skull ring
<worn on legs>      a wooden peg-leg
<worn on hands>     a pirate's hook hand
<wielded>           a cutlass
Captain Black Beard is carrying:
     a small golden key



Area: S.S. Scurvy (Map).
Room(s): The captain's private quarters (portable).

Walking route from Aelmon: 35s, 2e, 2u, s, 2e, [e], n, [w]. (note: crosses water terrain)

Captain Black Beard is portable.