Carnival Barker

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A bulky man, about as round as he is tall stands before you, bellowing:
"Step right up! Come and see the carnival! Witness the freaks!
Wrestle with the bear! Joust against a knight! What are you waiting for?
Be amazed by our fire-eaters and acrobats!
Come see the latest plays written by the playwright of the kings!
And come on all jester lovers!
We got funny jesters, boring jesters, silly jesters, goofy jesters!
We even got sarcastic jesters, political jesters, slapstick jesters!
Come on, you want jesters, come on in jester lovers!
If we don't got it you don't want it!"

A barker stands here, loudly telling you about all the atractions.

Keywords: barker, carnival.
Level: 8
Alignment: ?
Flags: ?
Affects: ?



He is involved in the Jousting Champion Quest.


Carnival Barker is portable.