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This article is for the benefit of those who are seeking Mana gear for the About Body slot, but are not neccessarily interested in what the 'best' gear is for their level.

There may be many reasons for this, but at least one is that gear which has a mix of qualities may be desired and as such sacrificing a certain amount of mana for other increases, such as hit or tank benefits, could prove beneficial. This could be useful for a character who runs solo and as such may desire a particular balance of gear, or even those who would like to hit a little bit harder without sacrificing so much of their mana.

Mana Gear for the About Body Slot:

This list is arranged according to the earliest point which these items become available, NOT according to which items are best for any particular level.

Levels 01-10:
Elven Wizard Robes(10), Linen Robe(5), Priest's Robe(5)

Levels 11-20:
Robe Of The Magi(30), Sea Blue Cloak(30), Surveyor's Cloak(15)

Levels 21-30:
Robes Of Deepest Ebony(15)

Levels 31-40:
Black Wizard Robes(30), Silk Lined Cloak(50), Unholy Robe(70)

Levels 41-50:

Hero Level:
Arcane Robes(35), Aura Of Tainted Foulness(50), Aura Of The Storyteller(70), Cape Of Sorcery(50), Mantle Of The Master Arcanist(50), Mantle Of The Master Archivist(60), Pitch-Black Robe(70), Red Velvet Cape(70), Raiments Of Moss(50), Rotting Grey Robe(70), Snow Leopardskin Cloak(50), Twinkling Stars(30),

Lord Level: