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"Death from above, death from below,
corruption shall find ye, hide or not.
Ocean rots, earth dies, sun chars, cold kills.
Wickedness abounds, death walks,
fury and anger strong, love is lost.
The light and the dark shall perish
with only chaos abloom.

So it shall be."

Every seer, mystic, witch, warlock, anyone with the slightest soothsaying ability awoke together with these words on their lips.

And so it has come to pass, the once lush, verdant surface of Karnath has withered, strange creatures have appeared, rational men have gone mad... all manner of catastrophes have taken place. All is not lost; there are still pockets of resistance to the chaos, but they are few and far between. Even the powerful magics of Fluent to the west and Aziz-Ra to the north have could not save their followers from the disaster. They have withdrawn from Karnath proper, isolating themselves in the fortresses as they work to stem the tide of corruption.

If you choose to journey to this harsh place, fare thee well... but don't forget to kiss your loved one goodbye before you go.

Builder: Yevaud


Planeshift to Karnath


Connects to the Silent Sphinx via the Ocean of Blood in the southwest.

Connects to the Dark Pyramid via the Crimson Glacier in the northeast.


To reach the Ocean of Blood portion of this area go w, 4s from shift.

To reach the Crimson Glacier head more or less due east from shift.


Beware the Insatiate, a sentinel corpse-eating mob at shift. You may want to send multiple tanks simultaneously to split any potential swarms awaiting you at the shift point.

This area is great exp for larger groups. It can be considered an alternative to Fantasy Forest, although the Accursed Lands can probably accomodate a slightly larger group than the forest without yielding low exp.

The Ocean of Blood tends to give even better exp than the "proper" portion of this area, but it has a higher mob concentration, and a greater proportion of the mobs there wield weapons.

One downside to Karn proper is the large number of stab targets. The list includes man (work for multiple mobs), akuma, reaper, crazed, humanoid, cutthroat and scourge. Please add to this list if you can think of any more.

The Crimson Glacier is nospell, so you should only ever go there if you're doing a crown run.


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