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Somewhere in the north of Westwood a band of roving centaurs has made a hidden camp in the ruins of an abandoned village. They help support the rangers who are fighting the deadly Darklin scourge and are protecting one of Westwood's treasures.

Level Range: 10-15

Builder: Cerdwyn


Walking route from Nom: n, 9w, n, 2w, s, 2w, s, d, w, u, n, 6w, 3n, w, 2n, w, 3n, w, 2n, 2w, n, 2w, n, w, n.

Walking route from Sol: 2e, n, 2w, s, 2w, s, d, w, u, n, 6w, 3n, w, 2n, w, 3n, w, 2n, 2w, n, 2w, n, w, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Jenony WhiteMane (note: wanders), TallOak.


Centaur Camp connects only to Westwood to its southeast via a winding forest path.


Centaur Camp may be entered via a winding path that leads northwesterly from Westwood's edge to a fallen branch, which players can push or pull to gain access to an abandoned village just north of it. This village consists of a few crumbling buildings surrounding a small square, which centaurs are trying to repair and to make habitable. They are also growing food in a field to its west and depositing waste in a middens to its southeast. A small trail leads north from this village to a hidden glen where these centaurs are protecting a baby unicorn. A map is available for this area as well.



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