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A war waged, a culture lost.

Imix's unquenchable flames consumed everything. The land, its people, and their history. Not even the true name of this place survives.

Interplanar voyagers call it Cinderheim. Death came swiftly for the lucky. Those who dared to resist suffered a far worse fate: surviving to watch helplessly as their homeworld was pulled into the influence of the all-consuming flames.

Nothing remains of this place but ash and smoke. Anyone that dwells in such an inhospitable environment must have a strong will to survive.

Builder: Mimir


From fire shift, go 2n,u or e,n,u or s,e,u to reach the first room in Cinderheim. This room is a semi-safe room - the roasting carcass isn't aggressive. Rarely, however, the group of 4 will walk into this room.



After the initial few rooms, the linear path leads up. This is the Cinderheim proper - a 7x5 mesh with some missing interconnecting lines. From the first room of this mesh, the shortest way towards Dragon is s, 3e, s, 2u. To reach the gear portion of Cinderheim, from the same room walk 2n, 2w, 2s, d.


Cinderheim is a nice area to gain experience in. None of the mobs cast spells, but there are a few mobs (Noxious Smoke, on scan as a sickly cloud) which gas. Mob levels vary roughly between 170 and 200. It's a good idea to take a healer with you.
The entire area is cursed.
There are four relatively tough mobiles (Edmund, Ralthar, Rapini, and Lanorth) wandering the first four rooms after the roasting carcass. Two avenging angels spawn after two of the mobs have been killed, giving you a total six possible mobs in a room. Rapini likes to bash, so you will need to switch tanks and watch their health.
A dusty tome of forgotten lore and the Stiletto "Poignant Memories" can be retreived by killing He Who Remembers.

There is a lloydable room (the peak of the precipice) with a big sentinel mob (Majestic Dragon) on the spire accessible from the Mesa rooms (keep an eye out for the grey forms listlessly scanning - these are Mesa Sentinels) then search for an Up from one of those rooms. There is a crater in the Lloydable room, drinking from which gives sanc to evil chars and poisons good chars.

In order to reach the gear section, follow the lava-filled fissure until you find the other down exit (the first down exit being the one you entered the area through). Alternatively, look at the map and navigate it. From here, there is a door north, then a scarab and 3 carcasses in a three room east-west loop, kill all three carcasses to spawn the grim sentry. This mob will then have the key to open the inner sanctum, north from where the sentry spawns. Inside there you will find He Who Remembers and four hulking mummies in a 3 room east-west loop.


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