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There is a rumor that, near the burning woods that are the Arcadian Planeshift point, there is a dark spire beneath the plane's surface. At the end of a waterfall, on an underground lake, the Dark Fae Duke Zarradyn makes his home. Rumor has it he is able to ward his home against Midgaardian magic while still allowing the Fae to use their own.

According to Lady Astra, "The Dark Fae? If you trespass in Arcadia, the GOOD ones will do all in their power to destroy you, so don't expect too warm a welcome in Zarradyn's tower."

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From Arcadia shift, head west until you find the river. Follow it to the southish (move towards water rooms on scan) until you come to a down exit.


There are various fountains throughout the area that will bring you back to Fantasy Forest when you drink from them


Area is mostly linear and not too difficult to navigate


Because most of this area is nospell, it is only visited during a zgaunts run. See Gear In Dark Fae Tower for more information.


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