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History of Avatar can be found in hints found throughout the areas. These can be on various mobs, items, even area descriptions. Some of the most detail information can be found in the books located in Abbaye du Livre. At the highest level for the Midgaard plane can be summarized in the following key events:

  • Straul (god of war and destruction) discovers Kisestre, daughter of Merrighand.
  • Straul, desiring the beautiful Kisestre, imprisons her on a foul place to break her spirit.
  • Kisestre resists him and her light and beauty transforms the place with plants and animals.
  • Merrighand attempts to aid his daughter by providing her with companions - the Fae. 13 Fae of Light and 13 Fae of Dark.
  • The joy of Kisestre and the Fae lead to the creation of the ents.
  • Straul corrupts the Fae of the Dark which leads to the War of the Fae.
  • This war leads to the creation of the other Fae races - high elves, elves, half-elves, high drow, drow and the sprites.
  • The death of Kisestre from the affects of the Fae warring and grief.
  • Merrighand's wrath from his daughter's death leads to the curse of Straul and the creation of the four Immortal Guardians.
  • Straul creates the giants - full of strength and intelligence.
  • By now the Dwarves have been created (by Durr) and the Trolls (by Abishai). Amongst themselves they warred.
  • The first great war of the Giants and Ents.
  • After the defeat of the Giants they split into tribes and gain knowledge and hungered for more.
  • Straul, noticing their hunger, influenced the giants and create the plant demon Glasya which lead to the second great war of the Giants and Ents.
  • This war ravaged Midgaardia but ultimately lead the the defeat of the Straul by the Immortal Guardians which also removed the intelligence from the giants.

These are but highlights to must more details located through out the lands.

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