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During the second great war between the Ents and the Giants, the demon god Glasya discovered a location of great tactical advantage. A large drop in the landscape had developed over time in the east, in the land that today is Midgaard Country. At the bottom of this decline was a small trench, surrounded by rocky slopes that were practically impassable by the Ents themselves. Once occupied, the trench proved unapproachable for the elves as well, who ended up getting picked off by the giants as they attempted to descend the slopes. Glasya had built a sturdy iron bunker at the bottom of this low-lying portion of the landscape, and from within he performed a plethora of vile and corrupt acts against the Ents. It is said that he used a scrying pool and a summoning platform to cause the Ents great distress in their own forests. The Ents, however, could not withstand Glasya's perversions for very much longer. Their only course of action was to find a way to bury the trench and stop Glasya's assault from within. Every attempt to collapse the trench was met with Glasya's plantlife perversions crawling up the slopes and solidifying the walls. The Ents were at an impass, but not for long. A wise Ent had been studying the areas to the north, where great mountains rose into the skies. Within this mountain range was a frigid lake of mountain water. Behind Glasya's back, the Ents molded the land to create a waterfall, and slowly sunk the ground on a path towards the trench. Without warning, the waters of the lake rushed down from the mountains and engulfed the trench, several giants, and the bunker itself. To the Ents dismay, the demon god was not present, but the bunker was magically sealed and buried under a flood of frigid water. All inside were lost.

Level Range: 25-30

Builder: Copycat


Walking route from Aelmon: 13e, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Ngataki.





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