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Alonso LeMans was the last in a long line of Midgaardian Nobility, famous as humanity's foremost viniculturists. When humans began expanding eastward into Wildwood, with the construction of the farms of Midgaard Country, LeMans lept ahead and started culling acres of forest to build a massive vineyard and mansion. But apparently the Guardians of the Forest were not pleased. A terrible curse befell LeMans, and all those inside his mansion, but that is another story. The Great Wall was constructed to keep the evil magics of Wildwood out of Midgaard Country, with LeMans' mansion on one side, and the vineyard on the other. Since then, a dark magic has crept into the vineyard from the nearby lake, infusing the vines with evil sentience. A band of marauding Orcs have also made the vineyards their base from which to plunder the nearby farms. For these reasons, many local residents are begining to wish the Wall had been built a lot further west.

Level Range: 35-40

Builder: Kariya


Walking route from Aelmon: 13e, 5n, 3e, n. (Path goes over water.)

Portaling point(s) suggested: branch vine.





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