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Recommended Gear

<used as light> Silver Orb or Gold Orb or Azure Orb
2x <worn on finger> Silver Ring or Azure Ring or Gold Ring
2x <worn around neck> Kisestres Amulet or Silver Amulet or Azure Amulet or Gold Amulet
<worn on body> Silver Banded Plate Armor or Gold Banded Plate Armor or Azure Banded Plate Armor
<worn on head> Sturdy Gold Helm or Sturdy Azure Helm or Sturdy Silver Helm
<worn on legs> Flowing Aura Of Metal Particles
<worn on feet> Flowing Aura Of Metal Particles
<worn on hands> Azure Gloves or Silver Gloves or Gold Gloves
<worn on arms> Flowing Aura Of Metal Particles
<held in offhand> See Legend Melee Weapons
<worn about body> Golden Sash or Silver Sash or Azure Sash
<worn about waist> Silver Belt or Gold Belt or Azure Belt
2x <worn on wrist> Silver Bracer or Azure Bracer or Gold Bracer
<wielded> See Legend Melee Weapons
<held> Azure Seal or Silver Seal or Gold Seal


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