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Syntax: lore                     - displays gained and available lores
                                   with lorepoint costs.
        lore info <skill/spell>  - displays the list of lores which grant
                                   or remove the specified skill/spell
        lore info <lore name>    - displays the list of skills/spells which
                                   are granted or removed by the specified
        lore <lore name>         - gain specified lore, if permissible (i.e.
                                   all prereqs have been satisfied and the
                                   player has sufficient lorepoints).

This command effectively replaces the practice command as the method for
obtaining skills.  As a legend you will not be tied to your original class
in that you are free to acquire lores from different classes if that is your
preference.  Your original class will however have an impact on the cost of
the various lores that are available.  I.e.  lores similar to your original
class will cost fewer lore points to acquire.

Some lores are special as they prevent other lores from being learned. The
following are some examples:
* "basic berzerking" will prevent the player gaining any non-bzk lores. Any
  non-bzk lores (apart from basic/lesser/greater warcraft) will prevent the
  player gaining basic berzerking.
* Players are not able to gain both basic theology and basic sorcery at the
  same time.
initiation basic magic lesser magic greater magic epic magic
basic sorcery lesser sorcery greater sorcery epic sorcery
basic wizardry lesser wizardry greater wizardry epic wizardry
basic stormlore lesser stormlore greater stormlore epic stormlore
basic psionics lesser psionics greater psionics epic psionics
basic mindbending lesser mindbending greater mindbending epic mindbending

basic circle lore
lesser circle lore greater circle lore epic circle lore
basic subterfuge
basic blade dancing lesser blade dancing greater blade dancing epic blade dancing
lesser subterfuge greater subterfuge epic subterfuge

basic assassination
lesser assassination greater assassination epic assassination
basic archery

lesser archery
greater archery epic archery
basic ballistics lesser ballistics greater ballistics epic ballistics

basic mysticism
lesser mysticism greater mysticism epic mysticism
basic theology

lesser theology

greater theology epic theology
basic piety lesser piety greater piety epic piety
lesser chivalry greater chivalry epic chivalry

basic chivalry
basic warcraft lesser warcraft
greater warcraft epic warcraft
basic berzerking lesser berzerking greater berzerking epic berzerking
basic guardianship lesser guardianship greater guardianship epic guardianship
basic empty hand lesser empty hand greater empty hand epic empty hand
basic shadowlore lesser shadowlore greater shadowlore epic shadowlore
basic leadership lesser leadership greater leadership  
basic theosophy lesser theosophy greater theosophy epic theosophy  
    • This chart is not 100% correct. Basic chivalry requires basic theology. Lesser chivalry requires lesser theology. Then you can go straight to epic chivalry. Side note, chivalry does not currently include oath, so you are unable to use any of the spells listed that require a specific oath.

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