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Lloydable Rooms are special rooms scattered around the plane in which lords are capable of using the skills Safe Haven, Planar Anchor, Create Shrine or Pure/Holy Spring. These are commonly used as alternate shifting points in many locations to bypass otherwise dangerous shifts, allowing further groupies to join or otherwise save time.

Based on 'Lloyd's Beacon', a Lloydable flag on a room will allow a player to set their recall when outside the Midgaardian Plane. (Given there isn't another flag like 'no recall' preventing you, of course.) It is also a magical focal point for spells such as Safe Haven.

Similar to the Infirmary flag visible to clerics, the Lloydable flag is visible to Rangers only. It is possible to detect it with the use of magic.

See Planar Anchor for an index of known Lloydable rooms.

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