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The Lord mudschool was designed with several purposes in mind:

- Teach new Lords about the basics of the Lord tier, what to expect and what prepare for.

- Give an introduction to each class at the Lord tier, suggestions for playing them, and how they survive at Lord.

- To reward the new Lords for their effort by giving them a practice ticket.

Any Lord can walk through the mudschool at any level; the entrance is located 2s from the Center of Thorngate Square. If you see a true newbie morph, please show them the mudschool. Being available to them to answer questions they may have is a very good idea too. We have all been in their situation and needed a helping hand through the transition period.

Send any comments, updates or bug reports to the Immortals through the bug, idea, or typo commands.

Builder: Vorak


Lord Mudschool is located 2 south of Thorngate Center.



Welcome to Lord, Basic Lord Skills, Improving Your Gear and Lord Survival Skills

Tips on Playing a Brute
Hints for Playing a Caster

Archers:A Nook in the Forest
Assassins:Dilapidated Ruins
Berserkers:Knee-deep in Cracked Skulls
Black Circle Initiates:Between the Stretching Shadows
Bladedancers:Passing Beneath Crisscrossing Swords
Bodyguards:In a Sparring Ring
Clerics:The Shrine
Druids:In the Greenhouse
Fusiliers:Before a Pile of Stones
Mages:Study Chamber of an Arch-Mage
Mindbenders:Surrounded by Whispers and Fading Thoughts
Monks:A Sanctuary of Gorn
Paladins:Before the Holy Relics
Priests:Tul-Sith's Sanctuary
Psionicists:A Room in the Inn
Rangers:A Peaceful Forest
Rogues:A Den of Iniquity
Shadowfists:Shadowfists' Domain
Sorcerers:Chamber of Corruption
Stormlords:Within an Ancient, Cluttered Room
Warriors:Warrior Training Grounds
Wizards:A Musty Study

A Few Final Words of Wisdom, Alcove



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