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Ofcol is the Great Northern City, nestled against the rocky foothills of the northern mountains. It is home to the citadel of the Dragon Lords, the Grand Marshall Diana.

Level Range: 19-37

Builder: Revised


Walking route from Aelmon: 20n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Diana.




This area was highly popular 10 years ago when the sewers area (connected via an entrance west of the first intersection) still existed, with a red dragon bearing some very decent hr/dr gear for lowmort. These days the city is generally ignored by lowmorts in the 15-25, given the high alignment of the mobs, wimpy flags on citizens/girls/boys, and the availability of better experience elsewhere. The shopkeepers are excellent XP, but are large and some wield. The dragon knights and lords in the citadel to the east of the monk are good experience, as are the various paiges and servants. The gold dragon is quite big and generally avoided. This area does connect to North of Ofcol, where tangible experience for 38+ lowmorts abounds.


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