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The Outsiders are a notorious gang of thieves and ruffians that plague the Kingdom of Midgaard. Their headquarters is suspected to be underground somewhere in northeast Midgaard Country.

Level Range: 14-17

Builder: Dev


Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2n, 3e, 5n, 6e, 3s, 8e, s, 3e, s, 2e, [n], u, n, [d].

Walking route from Aelmon: 7n, 2e, 3s, e, [s], [d], n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Wielmann (note: sneaking).


One entrance is located in a barn found in Midgaard Country, another is under the rogue guildmaster, and a third connection is to the Public House, first floor in Cathracharraig.



If you do not know the ways of the thief then do not enter, as you will be blackjacked, robbed and thrown out regardless of your level and size.


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