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In the past there was a plot to take over Midgaard itself. Fortunately the plotters made a mistake and managed to ruin the plot themselves. The ruins of the lairs they constructed might still contain something worth finding. Rumors where they might be found are floating in the air...

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Noltano


This area is unique in that the entrance to it is separate from the mob which you learn of the area from, as well as it consists of the introductory room and 5 more completely separate sub-areas. You can examine the Ghostly Spirit to learn the background but the mob does not represent the entrance to the zone.

One thing common to all the lairs is that all the rooms are cursed (with one notable exception at Lair 3), and all lairs feature a large number of hidden passageways - invisible walls that can only be discovered by attempting to pass through them or by opening them. Thus, if you are exploring these areas, try to walk in every direction irregardless of the exits listed, in every room.

For more info on Lair locations and specifics, please consult the subcategories listed below.