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Deep within the homeworld of the kzinti race lies a dense jungle, thick with lush vegetation and hidden danger. The jungle lies in the Valley of the Spires, and it must be navigated if one wishes to reach the great Kzinti Spires.

Builder: Copycat, Ctibor


  • c planeshift kzinti



It's a huge mesh. See the map for a detailed layout. There is a two-room-wide passage north, towards the 6-room portal chamber, just south of which there is a link eastwards towards 6 rooms preceding Spire of War.


A solo-friendly area (once you pass the shift) that has various medium- and small-sized mobs, notably Kzinti citizens, patrollers, and lizards, etc. Not worth much xp and mostly consisting of empty rooms.

For Ant Antenna or Ant Chakram, head 6e, n from shift. North will be a room full of ants. Clear enough of them and then a queen spawns. Skin queen corpse for antenna or chakram depending on which queen spawned.


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