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This forest, once a bustle, thriving community of huge trees that soared high into the sky, has now been reduced to rubble on its eastern edge, while erosion is eating away at the cliff-face to the south. Enclosed by the great wall and the path that leads from the large gate into Wildwood on the other sides it is the sorry remainder of magnificence, of the old time when this area was one of best hunting grounds in all of Midgaardia. The druids and rangers that roam these forests dream of it - unless the recently developing new thread is filling their slumber with nightmares.

Level Range: 35-40

Builder: Zahri

This area was added in 2005 Dec.


Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], 2e, n, 2e, 3s, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: white druid.


Shadow Forest lies to the south of the Wildwood slightly east and south of great wall.

Shadow Forest provides a walking route to Transfigured Forest along its eastern edge.

Shadow Forest is also connected to the The Sea of Strayed Hopes in the south.


Shadow Forest is a sprawling area with the main forest south and west of the entrance. The eastern edge of the forest consists of rooms with rocks and boulders and contains a number of down exits that don't always take you to a different level and some one way exits that combine to create some messy but not terribly difficult mapping. The southern edge consists of a loop along the cliffs above the ocean.


The main area of the forest should be a reasonable area for groups to adventure for experience. There are numerous animal mobs, some of which are aggie, that provide reasonable experience without armor or weapons. Druids and Rangers also populate the forest but some of them are armed with crossbows making them tougher foes. The rocks to the east are tougher, with few mobs that tend to be more difficult and aggie. The Eagles to the south make the loop a worthwhile trip. There are a couple of pieces of interesting gear in the area and each of the different parts has a role in the two quests to make the Shadow Forest an interesting area to explore for experience or questing.


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