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Airscape (Gear)
Arcadia (Gear)
Astral (Gear)
Firerealm (Gear)
Karnath (Gear)
Kzinti Homeworld (Gear)
Midgaardia (Gear)
Noctopia (Gear)
Nowhere (Gear)
Outland (Gear)
Tarterus (Gear)
Thorngate (Gear)
Water (Gear)
World Of Stone (Gear)
Areas in Nowhere
Nothing (Gear)
Sun Cabal (Gear)

Spirit is what binds all other elements together, holding their shape and form. The power to control pure spirit has been mastered by only a few great Maestros. Now, the world crafted by one of these great Maestros has become the center of an epic battle between the forces or order and chaos, a battle that threatens to damage the flow of spirit energy and cause unheard of destruction. This battle must be stopped and the evil repelled!

Builder: Imij






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