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These are the most familiar Psionic attack spells. They are listed in order of damage dealt. Psychic Drain and PsiSting cause damage by channeling raw psionic energy into the target's body. Mindlash and Brainstorm channel such energy into the target's conscious mind; this is a more advanced and more damaging technique. Psionic blast and Ultrablast combine these two methods of attack for truly impressive damage. All of these spells affect a single target, since it is very difficult to channel psionic energy into multiple targets. These spells' prerequisites proceed in a progressing pattern of power: psychic drain -> psisting -> mindlash -> brainstorm -> psionic blast -> ultrablast. All basic attack and area spells are more powerful for in-class users who do not have to fear a counterattack thanks to a group-mate tanking the target.

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