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Templates are provided here, both (1) to help users to create new categories/pages more quickly and easily and (2) to help both develop and promote consistent standards for category/page formats. These standards may change somewhat over time as users gradually improve and "polish" them. Please remember that these formats below are suggested, not mandatory, and that even poorly-formatted contibutions are preferable to none at all.

Templates with Variables

All templates that are named Template:TemplateName are those that can be directly called into a Wiki page. They can be called as follows:

Imagine the following template, named Template:Example

Once upon a time, {{{one}}} went for a walk in {{{two}}}. {{{one}}} thought his stay there was {{{three}}}.<br>
{{{four}}} {{{five}}}

This template has 5 variables, named one, two, three, four and five. Here's now to assign values to these variables:

| one=Timmy
| two=the Big Woods
| three=a bit, you know, ''weird''
| four=
| five=Then monkeys came.<br>And flung poo at him.

After that, the page look like this:

Once upon a time, Timmy went for a walk in the Big Woods. Timmy thought his stay there was a bit, you know, weird.
Then monkeys came.
And flung poo at him.


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