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The Magician Zin is rumored to be quite the oddball. He lives in a flying citadel on the outskirts of Midgaard in the Wildwood. Legend says he eagerly welcomes guests and has a myriad of trials for visiting adventurers. Rumors vary as to what the trials may actually entail, but each is said to test an adventurer's mettle. It is also rumored that Zin has a collection of odd tidbits that he keeps in a Hall that he likes to show to his guests.

Level Range: 40-50

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], 2e, s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Zin, phoenix.




Note: Be wary of the statue in the room A Test of Admittance below Zin, which was the old walking route to the area (before portals became easier to obtain). This mob wields, hits very hard, and is aggressive. Also, note there is an aggressive rabbit southwest of Zin, and being level 53, it is fairly large for a level 35 character to fight, for instance.

This is a great area for solo casters from level 25-40, or small groups of 2-3. The most frequently run sections are the Hall of Oddities southwest and up of zin, and the Volcano. The best xp, however, is in the guardian air elementals, the giants in the training yard, the priests southeast of Zin and especially the rocks, boulders and stones in the garden south of Zin. (The latter are fairly large, wander, are lvl 52, and sometimes load 3 per room, so make sure to have hp/mana available).


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