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Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a tree called Yggdrasil grew tall in the area outside of Solace. But men, being as they are, saw only that chopping it down would provide them with a lot of wood with which to build their houses and shops. A battleworn goblin carved up the remainder and used it to create a business for himself.

But the World Ash is immortal, or so the legends say. If it dies, the world dies. And since the world is still here, so must the World Tree still be ... somewhere.

Unlike in the past, you can no longer just walk up to it and climb its branches. You must seek out its hidden entrance. Once there, if you can find them, you will find memories of places you thought had left this plane forever. Instead, the World Tree has captured their escenses and provides you with memories... and new experiences.

Level Range: 25-30

Builder: Cerdwyn


Walking route from Sol: 3e, 11s, e, 2s, enter pile. Walking route from Aelmon: 17w, s, 5w, 3s, d, 2s, enter pile.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Goldmoon, 2s, enter pile.



The tree is actually not that large, three levels connected with vertical trunk rooms. Of note are the portals on the tips and edges of the levels (enter glow) which connect randomly across the tree.


Demons and similar beasts roam across the tree, but some interesting mobs can be found which may require paying attention to (for example the lizardmen pianist). The end-portals will probably be linked to other areas over time, but for now they haphazardly (and randomly) connect across the tree itself.

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