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Just curious, I have some scripts that some might find useful, but pasting them in makes them all ugly. What is the best method for putting this type of thing up? Can you attach a file to a page and then upload it?

Thanks, Jekyll

You can try the "Upload file" link, which should appear on the left of the screen under toolbox. But IIRC there's a limitation in the wiki software that only allows you to upload images and sound files. Talk to Melanarchy, chances are he'll host them for you somewhere else, and then you could link to them from here.

You need to use a template CLICK EDIT AT TOP OF THIS PAGE. LOOK AT WHAT I DID BELOW and you'll see what i mean. just copy the one i made below and fill in your stuff. If you don't edit it. You can't really see what's going on!


Write in what your script does here.


Any real important notes you want people to read about the script. It can be as much as it needs to be i usually go to about here then start the next line!


place your code here
in between the pre things
and it will stay how you put it
#even the pound signs.


I hope you all like this and have no trouble with it. blah blah blah! If you need help or have questions. note me on board 2

the always menacing SCRAPE <--- replace with your nick!