Chi Of Zhang Kai

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The destruction of the Tree Demon has released Zhang Kai from his
1000-year imprisonment, and his Chi stands here, ready to depart
to a higher plane of existence. Such is his reward from the gods
for his service in the name of the Tao.

Zhang Kai says 'Worthy adventurer, you have defeated the Great
Evil, and for that we of the Order of Tao praise you. I have an
item upon me which has great power; if you prove yourself to be
worthy yet again, this will be my parting gift to you.'

Keywords: zhang, kai
Level: 60
Alignment: unknown good
Flags: steadfast, ??
Affects: sanctuary


The Chi of Zhang Kai is using:
<held>              (Glowing) (Humming) the Glyph of Tao


The Chi of Zhang Kai is in the same room as either the liberated soul, or the tormented ghost of a newbie, who will assist against heroes. I don't know why one mob pops instead of another.


Area: Lair of Shyu'Yao (map)
Room: The Chi of the Knight

See the Glyph of Tao for walking directions.