Cloud Giants

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Cloud Giants are perhaps best known for their mysterious habit of creating floating castles in the sky. Those who have not yet created such a luxurious abode tend to dwell on the peaks of the tallest mountains. Cloud Giants most often have milky white skin and light blue hair.

Cloud Giants are fickle beings. Their mood can transition from serene to enraged at a moment's notice. Indeed, the more tempermental members of this race are sometimes known as Storm Giants, due to their habit of throwing lightning bolts around haphazardly.

Despite their huge size, all Cloud Giants have an innate ability to fly. This helps them reach their floating castles in the sky. When defensive cover is called for, a Cloud Giant can create a thick fog to surround themselves and their allies. Cloud Giants can also occasionally discharge their Elemental energies in the form of a powerful lightning bolt. Lastly, Cloud Giant have the ability to summon a mighty gust to eliminate unnatural weather patterns.

Despite the fact that they are substandard spellcasters, Cloud Giants perform admirably when working with air, water, or electric magic.

Cloud Giants have four main racial commands that set them apart. They are Fly, Bolt, Fog, and Gust.