Cloud Of Sweet Odours

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Oooooh. What a strong and fresh smell that is, filling your nostrils, creeping all over you. Makes you sleepy, brain to butter, slow, lie, dream. And this vapour settling on your skin...

Keywords: cloud, sweet, odours.
Level: 66.
Scan Description: A cloud of sweet odours closes in, more and more.
Alignment: apathetic.
Flags: steadfast, very agressive.
Affects: detect hidden, detect invis.


A cloud of sweet odours is using:
<worn about body>   a cloud of sweet odours
<held>              sweet-smelling vapour
A cloud of sweet odours is carrying:


The piece of gear this mob is wearing about body makes it impossible to hurt using melee. It disappears when the mob is killed, and cannot be looted.


Area: The Transfigured Forest (Map).
Room(s): In A Vortex (cursed).

Walking route from Heavily Scarred Ent: u, s, s, d, n.