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Anyone is able to use different colors in their text and titles. This is done by putting inline color codes into your typing. To do this, type your message and put in |color| where you want the following word to change colors.

Inline color codes

The different inline codes are...

 Standard colors                     Actual Color
 ---------------                     -------------
 K/BK = Black  / Hi Black            Black   Hi Black
 B/BB = Blue   / Hi Blue             Blue    Hi Blue
 C/BC = Cyan   / Hi Cyan             Cyan    Hi Cyan
 G/BG = Green  / Hi Green            Green   Hi Green
 R/BR = Red    / Hi Red              Red     Hi Red
 Y/BY = Yellow / Hi Yellow           Yellow  Hi Yellow
 W/BW = White  / Hi White            White   Hi White
 P/BP = Purple / Hi Purple           Purple  Hi Purple
 Other codes
 BASE or N = Standard color


say |<color code>|Hello!
If you put a 'P' in place of , this will have you do a say but
with 'Hello!' written in purple. The other person will see something like:
Aelmon says 'Hello!'
If you don't want the color to bleed, put the BASE or N code in
after your word(s). This is VERY important when writing notes in color, as
most people find color bleed extremely annoying.

NOTE: You do not need to add a space after the second | anymore.

Doing so will add two spaces to your sentence.

NOTE:You can make color codes visible (i.e. to teach new players how

to use them) by putting a neutral code |N| *in between* the first
pipe of the color code and the color code you need: ||n|k| , ||n|br|, etc
This weird tip courtesy of Ponomariov.

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