Corpse Retrieval

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When you die, your equipment is not lost. It is still in your corpse, which is back where you died. You have to get back to it quickly to get your equipment before the corpse decays. In most cases, you can do this with no assistance, and a corpse will last about fifteen minutes of real time.

In the event that you need assistance, type "who angel". If you see some angels on, you can use the "pray" channel to ask them for help. If there are no angels on, you will have to use the chat channel, which the heroes can see. If any heroes are so inclined, they'll help you. DO NOT spam this channel...spamming is a way to ensure that you never see your corpse again.

Remember that other players besides heroes can help you. Any other mortal of sufficient power and experience can help you if willing. DO NOT ask an Immortal for a corpse retrieval - they are bound by law to not intervene or interfere in the affairs of mortals. See HELP IMMROLE for more.

Once your corpse decays, all of your gear will be left to the elements of fate. Mobiles or even other players will have the rights to take any non-OWNERed items. We suggest you hurry before that corpse decays.