Cretelli Tooth

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A tooth from some shark-like animal is here, on a short string.

Has 4(4) charges at level 3 'frenzy'.
Modifies hit roll by 5 continuous.
Modifies armor class by -10 continuous.

Level: 51
Type: Wand
Slot: Neck
Base: N/A
Area: Tssasskkas's Lair (Map)
Mob: Cretelli (lvl 65)
Flags: glow, evil, magic, sharp

Note: Cretellis and Mantellis are corpse eaters!

Directions: All east from entrance, then north, west, and down... around there the Cretelli will be wondering.

Better directions, portal Rockfist, walk via Spawner (aggie unless move and invis) and go down. The Cretelli are the sharks. Skin the corpse to make the tooth. Have water, move, sneak, invis, and fly up.

Despite the fact that this item is technically a wand because of the fact that it is worn on neck you cannot zap with it.