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Crom, RETIRED Executive, "Been there, done that".

"I began playing Farside (Avatar initially was this game) in 1993. I played for 2 years, became an Immortal and also the Area Coordinator. The areas in those early days were tied together somewhat weblike with no central hubs or real organization. Instead it was just a hodgepodge approach with no world-theme. I redid all of that and it is still in place.

After a few years as the area coordinator, I eventually was given Code access in 1998. I was able to make some significant changes and additions with the focus being on player-viewable modifications rather than simply coding imm toys of dubious worth. During my tenure in this position, I was elevated to Executive and began the process of adding Trackies to the game. This allowed me to bypass the existing hiring process and get a much-needed staff boost.

Ultimately, through a poor experience with Ubercon as well as constant conflicts over development and staffing needs, I felt that the stress was not worth continuing with my hobby. I still believe that we should have been open-source, that we should never have promised Legend and Ranger, and that players deserve to be twinky whenever possible.

If you have no idea who I the help news files for my coding contributions and read the area list for my area contributions. Many of the AVATAR writing titles as well as Odin. I don't know if I contributed a TON of stuff but I think I made a positive impact on the development of the game. Some would say that I nerfed quite a bit of it, but you'd have to make a list of everything I added compared to what I removed and I think my record stands for itself."

See him as: Strider (still reading notes!)