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Debonair started playing Avatar in 1996 to foolishly check if it really
was more addictive than IRC, like someone he was chatting with claimed.
Debonair was the first character he made, but gave it up at level 16 and
started a warrior character, Nefar. When Nefar lorded, Debonair was helped
to hero where he decided to try to contribute to the game in the ways
possible. As an Angel, Debonair worked hard to make the players aware of
the dangers in the game, and tried to advise as much as possible.

Debonair usually handles the pfile registrating, and writing a weekly
summary of events on the mud for the immortals. He tries to bring a
friendly atmosphere wherever he goes.

The best way to reach Debonair is to note him on the private board, or, to
email at