Embroidered Breastplate

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Judging alone by the force needed to lift this strange shirt it could well be metal. But the smooth surface pleases the skin and it softly drapes itself around your shape to be extremely comfortable and becoming. And the complex embroidery that covers every inch of it sparkles in the light, as if the brightness of sun or stars was reflected by the everchanging ripples of the sea. But, though the blue material might be sensitive to the gentle tracing of a fingers tip, at the merest hint of violence it turns into a shell too hard to break. A metal encasement to keep you safe as if you peacefully rested in a lovers embrace.

Armor class is 10-12.
Modifies armor class by -75 continuous.

Keyword(s): embroidered breastplate silk
Floor Description: A piece of embroidered blue silk lies here.
Type: armor
Slot(s): <worn on body>
Flag(s): none
Weight: 50 lbs
Level(s): 50-52
Quality: 200hp


Mob: Tean NaamAhn'Sa
Area: Isle Of NaamBres'Shho (map)


Main advantage over other armors is the weight - being full 25lbs lighter than Carburized Steel Plate Armor and 20lbs lighter than Jumara Scale Armor.

The armor itself is tough to get (see mob description) and is, naturally, very tough to enchant.