Fire Giants

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A Fire Giant's primary focus is the destruction of their foes. They seem to have little regard for their own safety or well-being. When they're not raiding the villages of the countryside, Fire Giants can most often be found within the cracks of volcanic mountains. Fire Giants generally have bright orange hair. On some individuals, it is so bright that it appears to be made of fire instead of ordinary hair.

All Fire Giants emit a natural glow that eliminates the need for a traditional light source. When provoked in combat, Fire Giants have been known to ignite their foes, taking great pleasure in watching them burn. Fire Giants also have the capability to set their own blood alight. This dramatically increases their ferocity in combat.

Despite the fact that they are substandard spellcasters, Fire Giants perform admirably when working with fire magic.

Fire Giants have three main racial commands that set them apart. They are Glow, Ignite, and Burning Blood.