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Objects of this type are practically always permanent fixtures of areas that characters may not pick up (exception: Immortals can bypass the no-take flags on these and other items, like portals). Fountains were more useful in days of yore when Avatar's characters could suffer from hunger and thirst. Certain fountains remain useful, however, as fountains can do more than just provide a steady source of one of many types of liquid refreshment. A given fountain may or may not also do one of the following whenever a character drinks from it: (1) cast a predictable spell on this character (or possibly one of two different spells dependent upon this drinker's alignment), (2) poison this character, (3) instantly transport this character to a certain other room, and (4) disappear (until its area repops) while a certain mob appears in its place. Each fountain's individual qualities are determined by its type-specific values.