Frost Giants

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Frost Giants originally hail from the Frozen North. Their eyes have a special adaptation that allows them to make out subtle details that others would miss in their snow-covered world. Most Frost Giants have icy-blue eyes and stark white hair. While not as murderous as Fire Giants, Frost Giants are still not above raiding & pillaging when the need arises.

Frost Giants have the ability to summon an aura of frost to protect themselves and their party from fire damage. They can also focus the frost into a damaging beam. This damages a foe and potentially slows them down. Because they are accustomed to walking on ice and snow, Frost Giants are more difficult to knock down than members of other races.

Despite the fact that they are substandard spellcasters, Frost Giants perform admirably when working with cold or water magic.

Information on the Quest to become a Frost giant can be found on the page for Water Realm in the Lord Areas.

Frost Giants have three main racial commands that set them apart. They are Frost Aura, Frost strike, and Surefoot.