Gauntlets Of Protection

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'protection evil' continuous.
Modifies armor class by -10 continuous.
Modifies strength by 2 continuous.

Slot: Hands
Level: 44-46
Base: 8-11
Weight: 3
Area: Githzerai Tower (Map)
Mob: Githzerai Swordsman

Make sure you are invis, or mobs will aggie you.
Port Ulrich and go, [n], 2n, w, 4n, e, 2n, w, 2u, then search around for Swordsmen.

Given that the Hero T1 ac piece is b12(-10), if you aren't an archer, then getting these is easier (if slower), the level makes them easier to enchant, and they have strength and protection on top, all for the sake of b11 instead b12.

it's worth noting that protection evil will not work for you if your align is evil (align below -300 or so). same for protection good and align greater than +300ish.

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