Gnomish Merchant

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This particular merchant and his caravan looks like they're off to Deephome to trade with their subterranean cousins. He wears an interesting pair of silver gauntlets, as he holds the reigns of his wagon and urges the burro on.

Keywords: gnomish, merchant, gnome.
Level: 11.
Alignment: apathetic.
Flags: steadfast.
Affects: none.


A gnomish merchant is using:
<worn on hands>     gauntlets of skill
<wielded>           a short sword


One easy way to defeat this mob is if you are of good alignment, the caravan guards will (oddly) attack the merchant. You won't get exp for this, but you'll be able to get the gear easily.


Area: Underway Tunnels (Map).
Room(s): A well-lit tunnel (portable).

Walking route from Nom: 9n, 3e, d, 2e, 5n, 5w, 4n, 2e, d, 2e.

A gnomish merchant is portable.