Green Dragons

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As the masters of venom, Green Dragons not only rule over all serpents, but the Behirs of our realm as well. Even if you somehow manage to survive an encounter with a Green Dragon, it is likely that you will succumb to the effects of his venom sooner rather than later. Like the serpents that they command, Green Dragons dwell in a variety of locales. Besides their color, the distinctive features of a Green Dragon are their long, forked tongue, and their powerful, coiling tail.

Green Dragons can use this tail to cause terrible damage by constricting an enemy within its coils. When threatened, they can spew a miasma of venomous gas into the air, impairing the combat abilities of all who breathe it. They also have the innate ability to secrete venom from between their scales, infecting anyone who dares touch them.

When utilizing their poison breath to its fullest potential, a Green Dragon can infect a foe with his venom. This also has a chance to blind the victim if the poison finds its way into their eyes.

  • Abbreviation: Grd.