Highest Damage Level

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At the bottom of your score, there is a line that looks like:

Highest Damage Level:        DAUNTING

This word is determined by the hardest single hit to date that your character has made. It has no bearing on anything else in life.

Hits scored during a HoGathon do not count.

You can reset your HDL by typing config hdl.

Characters may view their HDL using their score command.

Possible HDLs

Here are some lordly HDLs from normal (sanced) mobs under normal circumstances with normal gear, for those of you who are curious:
Gia Bzk Wer: >>>***ANNIHILATING***<<<
Elf Mag Bhy: **DESTRUCTIVE** (w/Oni)
HiE Wzd Bhy: ****DESTRUCTIVE**** (w/Oni)
Drw Arc Dur: vaporizing