Large Cloth Sack Covered With Patches

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This large cloth sack seems to be more patches than cloth.

Capacity is 600 lbs.

Keyword(s): patched, cloth, sack.
Level(s): 45.
Type: containers.
Slot(s): <none>.
Quality: 1000 hps.
Weight: 9 lbs.
Flag(s): hum, nolocate.


  • You should be able to see the sack in the held slot on the scavenger that has it, but keep in mind that all 3 of the scavengers have to die in order for the bag to repop.


Area: Citadel Of Arcanists (Map).
Mob(s): Scavenging Homunculus (wanders)

See individual mob pages linked above for more information.

Portaling point suggested: Vymm and go [s]2end to get to where one of them pops, eueeu[w]n leads to another spot, then [n]d from there is where the third pops. They wander, but they can't open doors, so they won't be too far..